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    General Business Topics

  1. How has the current international economic crisis impacted Mexico?
  2. How should my company view the current security situation in Mexico in terms of business travel to Mexico safe and recommended?
  3. How much of my interaction with Mexican strategic alliance partners or intermediaries can I do by phone?
  4. What restrictions are there if I sign a representative or distributor and I want to terminate the relationship?
  5. Do my products need to have Spanish labeling/packaging before they enter the country?
  6. What is a NOM?
  7. Is trademark registration recommendable and what is the process for obtaining

  8. Incorporation Issues

  9. When should I consider setting up a Mexican corporation?
  10. What is required to set up a corporation in Mexico?
  11. Do I need a Mexican partner or shareholder to set up my Mexican corporation?
  12. How long does it take to set-up a Mexican corporation and how much does it cost?
  13. Are there restrictions on foreigners setting up corporations in certain sectors?
  14. What restrictions for purchasing property/buildings exist for foreign corporations or Mexican corporations with foreign partners?
  15. Can I set up a Mexican corporation without a physical presence and/or without any employees?

  16. Tax and Accounting Issues

  17. What is the estimated cost/burden of an employee in Mexico?
  18. What are the current tax rates in Mexico?
  19. How does the VAT tax affect my exportations to Mexico?
  20. When does the VAT tax affect my payments for services in Mexico?

  21. SDL Consulting Issues

  22. Does SDL only offer client’s advice and consulting or can it help with implementation and services as well?
  23. How does SDL Consulting charge for its services?