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Audit Services

SDL Consulting accountants and lawyers can assist your company with fiscal questions and strategies, as well as interface with Mexican tax authorities with regards to audits The firm also has a certified fiscal accountant on staff that is able to file financial statements as certifiably correct for Hacienda, IMSS (Social Security), Infonavit (Housing Tax) and payroll contributions. One of SDL’s founding partners is a Mexican CPA with extensive experience in one of the top multinational accounting firms and 4 years working in the department of audits for the Hacienda (Mexican IRS).

For companies that want or need legal certainty that they are complying with all their fiscal obligations, or that are required by law to have their financial statements filed in this manner, SDL can help, having the experience and the ability to offer these audit services. We can also provide accounting, fiscal and financial expert opinions as evidence in civil, penal, commercial and labor lawsuits.

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