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Mexican Government Lobbying & Problem Solving

SDL Consulting has helped several companies in dealing with customs, standards, tax, land development, and other regulatory areas in which Mexican federal, state or municipal governments, both legislative and executive, might affect or be able to affect the success of your enterprise in Mexico. The General Director of SDL Consulting has experience in NAFTA conflict resolution and arbitration, having worked on two NAFTA arbitration cases related to foreign investment against the Mexican Federal Government. The Mexican and U.S. employees of our affiliate LGA Consulting, with over 10 years of service as the Wisconsin Trade Office, have good rapport and working relations with both Mexican Federal and U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico City.

Also, the General Director of SDL Consulting, an American with over 15 years living and working in Mexico City, is a former board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and past President of the 30 member Association of U.S. State Offices in Mexico (ASOM).

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